Java Information

Java technology includes Java programming language, Java Runtime Environment and Java Virtual Machine. Programs written on Java can be executed on any computer with any operating system that has Java Runtime Environment installed. So, the main advantage of Java technology is that it is completely machine independent.

Java is actively promoted by SUN Microsystems and the fact that it is platform-independent allows integrating Java Runtime Environment into browsers, which works in various operating systems. Java is also used to create complex interactive elements associated with web sites. For example, Java implemented sophisticated tools to work with databases placed on the web, or graphical interfaces which require the output of complex interactive elements. And, of course, much more, from the network chess program to audio editing tools.

Java program is being loaded from the web server, but executed on the visitor’s computer and not on the server. That’s why you should have Java installed on your computer. All of this imposes some significant restrictions on implementation of the websites with the help of Java. First of all these restrictions are related with the performance of the user’s computer. Computers are different and on some computers Java program can be executed instantly, while on others it may take some time. Another limiting factor is that it is quite hard to manage the operation of Java program from the web server on visitor’s computers. Therefore, not all interactive ideas can be implemented online.

Why do you need to download the latest build of Java for Windows 10?
Simply, because the latest build contains the most recent features and fixes for various old bugs. The latest build is always more reliable, faster, secure than previous builds. We recommend downloading or updating Java to the latest build.

What’s the difference between Java x64 and x32 bits for Windows 10 and what I should download?
There are two versions of Java available to install: x64 and x32 (x86). Which version is right for you depend on the version of your Operating System. So, give it a try and download now the latest version of Java for Windows 10. Available in 64 bit and 32 bit versions.